Oral traditions of the Norse Vikings tell us that life along the western coast of Norway has been inextricably intertwined with fishing and the abundance the ocean has consistently had to offer. So it is no surprise that the origin of Kaston finds itself to this unique way of life and the struggles and skills acquired by our forefathers.


In 1906, the Teige brothers Karl, Isak, Lars Elias and Knut jointly invested in a fishing vessel and christened it “Kaston”. Being the first motorized fishing boat of its kind, the technology changed their fisheries from a short, seasonal act of subsistence to a full year, commercial activity with export opportunities. For the first time ever, the Teige brothers´ fish was being exported to foreign markets. By 1914, the investment was such a success that the brothers invested in two new and larger boats, “Kaston” and “Delfin”, both of which were repaid instantly.


But no different to the fisheries today, the brothers were soon faced with changing market conditions and migrating fish stocks. Always on the hunt for new opportunities, the brothers ventured further away from the coastal waters to find their next big catch. The harsh weather, crashing waves and tough lifestyle took their toll on the aging brothers. When Knut died in 1938, his eldest son Terje took over as skipper and gathered valuable experience in seamanship. When the 2nd world war broke out, Terje was drafted by the Royal Norwegian Navy and took part in numerous dangerous sorties as a sea pilot along the Norwegian coast and into the North Sea. Terje earned himself a reputation for his courage and calmness when faced with danger and was honored after the war for his efforts. Despite his personal successes during the war, the once prosperous family fishing operations looked very different. “Kaston” had to be sold and “Delfin” was brought back from the Shetlands in 1946 in very poor condition. In 1947, to revive the fortunes of the family fisheries, Terje, his brother Kaare and his cousin Karl jointly invested to build a new fishing vessel christened, “Teigenes”.


Terje had to adapt to the constantly changing environments, markets and technology. From the herring fisheries in the fifties, the porbeagle fisheries off of Newfoundland in the sixties to the mackerel and capelin fisheries in the seventies, Terje and “Teigenes” ventured throughout the North Atlantic while constantly reinvesting in new boats with the newest technologies. As a result, “Teigenes”´ cutting edge design, power block, purse seiner nets and hardy crew made it one of the best fishing vessels in the community. But a few months before the 4 th Teigenes was about to leave the dry docks, Terje passed away and it was now his two sons, Sigurd and Knut, who were to continue the family business.

The Teige brothers have since continued to actively invest in the family´s fishing operations, always being at the forefront of technology and fishing techniques. The brothers currently manage two purse seiner vessels, “Teigenes” and “Sjøbris”. In 2005, they agreed to part their investment interests and established their respective companies, taking the names from the first industrial boats of the Teige family. Sigurd and Knut took the names “Kaston” and “Delfin” respectively to represent their investment interests.

And after having played a central role in the Norwegian fishing industry for over 30 years, Sigurd has begun diversifying Kaston´s investment portfolio. Kaston is now no longer an exclusively fisheries-related investment company, and has investment interests in various industries and at various stages of their commercial lifecycle. The “Kaston” identity represents strength when faced with adversity, flexibility when faced with change, and progress when faced with stagnation. Sigurd plans to bring these core values to every new investment Kaston makes.

Who We Are

The Kaston management consists of Sigurd Teige, Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda and Terje Mork. Together, the team has over 50 years of leadership experience in fisheries, maritime/offshore, finance, manufacturing and international marketing. The portfolio investments where Kaston as majority control employ over 150 people in Western Norway.

What we do

We reinvest our profits into sustainable companies that we believe create value and contribute to social, environmental or cultural progress. We are interested in being active investors in responsible, innovative, and creative early stage companies as well as developed businesses that require renewal.

How we do it

Kaston brings to the table extensive management expertise, financial and analytical skills as well as international marketing experience. We intend to leverage this extensive experience in every investment we make. For investments where we believe our contribution can make a unique and definitive difference.

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